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Your Rights in Wrongful Death Cases

The loss of a domestic partner, parent, spouse or child can be devastating in many ways. When a loved one has been killed due to the fault of another, California law provides the surviving relatives and partners with the right to bring a wrongful death claim for their own financial loss as well as the loss of the intangible benefits of their relationship.

Whether the death was caused by a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident, medical mistake, or any other type of mishap or conduct, damages may be recovered from the responsible parties for the survivors’ loss of the financial support, love, care, comfort, supervision, guidance, support, affection, moral support, protection, household assistance, and general society which would have been provided by the deceased, as well as death and burial expenses. In appropriate cases, such as those involving intentional acts or reckless conduct such as drunk driving, punitive damages may be recovered as well.

While accidents may be accepted by most people as a part of life, when those accidents result in death those who are responsible must be held accountable for their actions. Whether it is an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, hit and run incident, slip and fall situation, or one of the many other situations that can result in a wrongful death, we at the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm are here to help. With our many years of experience and desire to see our clients gain the justice and compensation they deserve, we know what it takes to win these potentially complicated cases time and time again.

Proven Results
When a wrongful death occurs, those who are left behind often have no idea where to turn or what to do next. Unfortunately, those who are responsible for these incidents rarely if ever admit their guilt. Instead, they hide behind insurance companies or their own attorneys in an effort to avoid doing what they know needs to be done. Using various tactics such as intimidation and guilt to coerce victim’s families to accept settlements that are inadequate to say the least, those whose negligence led to death often find themselves having little to worry about from a legal standpoint. However, when you have the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm representing you, those who cared little about their actions will be held accountable. We are known for working tirelessly for our clients, and the results prove it. Having recovered more than $20 million for clients in various cases, we understand what it takes to win wrongful death cases. Having a passion for seeing that justice is served for our clients, we are committed to leveling the playing field and making sure our clients receive everything they deserve.

Client Rights Regarding Wrongful Death
Needless to say, when an accident results in the death of a spouse, partner, or other loved one the results can be devastating both emotionally and financially. While dealing with these situations can be extremely difficult, the good news is that California law does provide a number of options to help those left behind collect damages. When a loved one dies due to the negligence of others, California law allows surviving partners and relatives the right to sue for wrongful death. By doing so, families can sue not only for their own direct financial loss, but also for the loss of the intangible benefits regarding the special relationship they had with the victim. We here at the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm understand the special relationships that exist within families, and will do everything possible to ensure adequate damages are awarded to compensate for the loss. We will never allow our clients to be intimidated by opposing attorneys or insurance companies, and will stand beside our clients every step of the way. No matter what led to the accident and death of a loved one, state law provides options to recover a variety of damages. Responsible parties can be sued not only for the loss of financial support the victim provided to their families, but also for such intangibles as love, comfort, supervision, moral support, guidance, and protection. In addition, clients can recover appropriate death and burial expenses, in addition to expenses related to household assistance. In cases where it is appropriate and called for, punitive damages can also be recovered to help offset the loss.

Committed to Our Clients
When you retain our services here at the Yagoubzadeh Los Angeles wrongful death Law Firm, we guarantee that we will be committed to you and your case from beginning to end. Starting with the initial consultation, we will listen to your story and concerns with empathy and understanding. After discussing your case with you, we will provide honest answers to the toughest questions and offer a realistic expectation of the outcome. If we believe your case is viable, we can take the next step and start the process of filing litigation against the responsible parties. We will always act as a shield between our clients and those who are determined to keep them from getting the compensation they deserve, ensuring everything is done exactly as the law allows. Our customer service to clients is second to none, and we always remind our clients that the legal process, with all its twists and turns, is a journey that will ultimately result in helping you reach your destination. While it’s natural to get frustrated at times and begin to worry about the eventual outcome, we are always here to offer support and guidance to each and every family member. We treat our clients exactly as we would want others to treat us, which is why many of our clients refer others in need of legal services to our firm for assistance.

Relieving the Burden
Whenever a loved one dies as a result of the negligence of others, the burden left on their families feels almost insurmountable at times. We understand this, and attempt to do everything possible to help relieve the stress associated with these difficult times. Compassionate and caring support is crucial at times like this, and that is exactly what we here at the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm give each and every client. In order to make sure our clients receive the financial compensation they need as well as obtain the accountability from those responsible for their loved one’s death, we aggressively pursue their case from start to finish. As we see it, not only is it important to obtain financial compensation, but it is also vital that we attempt to make the responsible parties aware of how their actions forever changed the lives of others. While all of this cannot change what happened and bring back those who were lost, it can perhaps send a message that negligent behavior will not be tolerated and those who commit such acts will be made to accept responsibility in a court of law. That is why prior to beginning the lawsuit, we will sit down with our clients and get to know their loved ones. By doing so, we can gain a greater understanding not only of who they were, but what they meant to those who loved them.

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If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of others and are considering legal action, let us help you. We offer free consultations to potential clients, where we take as long as needed to learn the details of what happened and how it has impacted loved ones left behind. Not only will we discuss your case, but we will also offer our proven results in previous cases as proof that we are committed to obtaining the best possible results each time we step into the courtroom. If you would like to speak with us, please call us toll-free at 1-800-982-9070. Our Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to assist you with your situation. When you find yourself dealing with the loss of a beloved spouse, partner, or family member, don’t continue to suffer in silence. Call us today, and let us help you and your family get back on your feet and force those responsible to accept responsibility for their careless actions.